Dogs rescued from pound turn truffle dogs

Dogs rescued from pound turn truffle dogs

By S.L.R.

Boulder City

April 9, 2006 — At the Boulder Animal Shelter in the South Platte Valley, veterinarians have made great progress on a treatment to control Trampyrhinus tetrachyon. In April 2003, a dog named Dolly collapsed while at the shelter and died. The following s바카라사이트pring, four other dogs were put into rescue by a veterinary practice, including a female Lab mix named Stacey and a female Lab mix named Fawn. The sh바카라elter’s director of rescue services, Ron Tumminen, who has worked for the shelter since the early 1980s, was the primary researcher on this treatment. Now that he has treated the dogs, Tumminen says, he is beginning to see a reduction in seizures and seizures. In June 2003, Tumminen received a call from the hospital regarding a dog with tetrapyrotosis and the doctor immediately saw he was losing an extra 50 dogs each week. In May 2004, Tumminen began to see a noticeable improvement, especially as Trachyrhinus tetrachyon became more apparent. That summer, Tumminen realized that while there were now four dogs a week coming in as untreatable, he was still seeing between 20 and 25 new dogs each week. This would be a significant difference, he says. The best thing about the trachyrhinus treatment is the increased number of dogs being helped. There is no longer any euthanasia for Trachyrhinus tetrachyon at the shelter. In the last five years, Tumminen estimates that there has been a 25 percent decrease in the number of untreatable dogs and that the treatment has reduced the amount of time that they spend in the pound in which Trachyrhinus tetrachyon is found. With these improvements in the animals being helped, Tumminen says he now is working with the state veterinarian program and the county health department to establish guidelines for use of the treatment. While this is a very large improvement, Tumminen says, he sees little reason for the veterinarians to stop doing the treatment. “The goal for me is to keep at least one or two dogs out of the shelter, but at least four or five of them out of the health department’s hands,” he says. The cost of this treatment, of course, is not immediat바카라사이트ely clear. The animal control unit is now taking on Trachyrhinus tetrachyon case


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