Swedish crime writer henning mankell dies

Swedish crime writer henning mankell dies

MANN, Sweden — Henning mankell, of Stockholm’s north district, died peacefully at his home late Sunday morning. He was 89.

“It’s a strange, strange world and Henning always did a wonderful job,” his son, Henning Hansen, said. “He was a great man.”

Hansen had been battling depression, which he said was more severe this year than in years before.

Police arrived at his home around 8:30 a.m. and found he was “very ill.” Henning Hansen said he did not know why or whether it had been triggered by the weather, but it wasn’t immediately clear.

He said his parents never got a chance to properly celebrate his 90th birthday. “The best we could do was hold it off for a moment,” Hansen said.

Henning Hansen said he’s “fearless” and “definitely not fazed” by h우리카지노is son’s passing. “He is an extremely talented person. He could easily have had a thousand career paths,” he said. “I can’t even imagine what he would have made a career in.”

Hansen said he’d given up studying to become a doctor, but has now returned to the medical field.

The father-son duo began together in a small cottage the year they were 10, when Henning became a fulltime pupil at a college preparatory school, before attending their grandfather’s house on their family farm.

“I never did want to go back home,” Hansen said. “You have to think that some day this life is going to stop for him.”

He said Henning Hansen would have turned 70 this summer, which is two years 더킹카지노before Henning Hansen’s final year on Earth. Hansen said he wanted to celebrate him as a father, not as a grandfather.

“He had no problems and had not any ill health in his life,” Hansen said. “I wanted h카지노 사이트im to have what he has had.”


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