Csiro hopes rainforest plot to boost biodiversity knowledge

Csiro hopes rainforest plot to boost biodiversity knowledge


An aerial survey is being conducted to identify Australia’s most promising rainforest areas, as part of a new effort to assess the country’s ability to restore biodiversity to its lost environment.

The survey is due to be completed before the end of this year and is designed to give a “best view of the biodiversity at risk” for each of the country’s nine state areas and nine regions.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt has been involved in the program for the past eight years.

In recent months, the Department of National Parks has been providing resources to the Australian Government on the conservation of this country’s unique biodiversity for conservation purposes.

The aim of the new program is to identify areas of “high interest” and “promising, potential, and existing” to help the government meet its commitment to conserve one of the world’s richest landscapes.

In the past, federal government initiatives had focused exclusively on logging, mining and tim더킹카지노ber harvesting.

The new program is aimed at helping inform conservation planning, improve management and reduce emissions in the areas affected by deforestation, with an emphasis on “sustainable” management, conservation objectives, and sustainable forestry practices.

The land currently covered by Australia’s nine state parks, regions and protectorates covers some 1,500 square kilometres, roughly three-quarters of the size of New South Wales.

Under the new conservation plan, rainforest areas which can be identified by aerial surveys are to be established in five of the nine areas and selected from nine protected areas.

At least four of the sites are also to be identified as potential candidate rainforest areas for the national carbon market.

The project is supported by the Federal Government’s Rainforest Alliance (RA), the Australian National University’s Research Council, the Australian Gov베스트 카지노ernment Department of Natural Resources and Forestry and the Australian Institute of Tropical Conservation.

Aerial survey needed

In 2008, the Prime Minister, George W. Bush, said that우리카지노 “forests must become more vulnerable to human activities to ensure the survival of this planet’s biological diversity”.

During the previous National Environment Policy (NEP) and Renewable Energy Target (RET) Review, the Prime Minister said that Australia had not yet achieved “an adequate level of forest productivity to restore the diversity and productivity of our biodiversity and ecosystems”.

“The Australian Government is committed to a renewed commitment to conservation and the protection of biodiversity, but as one of the world’s world leaders in biodiversity conservation and a world leader in sustainabl


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