French farmer protests drought on July 9

French farmer protests d천안 출장 안마rought on July 9. (Photo: Tom Lynn, Getty Images)

Dawson, N.C. – A farmer in the north central part of North Carolina took to Twitter to take a jab at President Barack Obama, urging him to cut “all your funding” for drought in the state.

#ObamaDrought: Save our money. #WorstDroughtEver — Jonathan Jones (@J호 게임Jones11) July 9, 2014

The tweet came during the second part of the president’s annual farmers’ ad campaign “Save Our Drought.”

The president last week requested $1.5 billion in aid from Congress for the first half of his second term. He has said he wants to use the money to boost U.S. agricultural production at the same rate as a recession. The Department of Agriculture estimates the federal government could be $742 million short of its request this year.

In a Wednesday appearance on the PBS television program “Frontline,” Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, called Obama “a man of his word” and added that her constituents should be the ones to decide whether to receive the cash or if it should go to agriculture.

“If they aren’t the people who can afford it, that’s their problem,” Collins said. “My understanding is that it’s not their problem in North Carolina. It’s my problem to fund their farm.”

Collins is chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee.

The president’s proposed cuts come as he seeks to bolster the economy with spending on infrastructure a퍼스트 카지노nd jobs. In response, Republicans, led by Speaker John Boehner of Ohio, have offered to raise taxes in the hopes of helping Obama meet his spending targets.

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Peter collins feb crops a new world

Peter collins feb crops a new world

It would seem that all 바카라this will be the case: the price index is growing.

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