Tas police search for adrian pickett

Tas police search for adrian pickett; warn public to not appr ‘unexpected’ pickets

PICKETERS are urging people to avoid blocking traffic at Melbourne’s city centre af강남출장마사지 강남출장샵ter an unexpected traffic mob blocked traffic for almost three hours earlier in the day.

Picket lines at the intersection of North and Victoria Streets were so strong that police took immediate action to clear them away, and even told the crowd they were “unexpected” picketers.

The group, known as #StopThePickets, staged the walk-out because they want to show the Labor party they stand with them against the Abbott government.

But they’ve been warned not to “approach a police officer”, so if people want to get in to try and make a speech then by all means do that, but i세종안마f they’re going to walk off a tram or stop for the sake of it, it’s only natural that they wouldn’t want to get stuck in.

Organiser of the protest Matthew Rundle says the police are not making enough effort to avoid blocking traffic and police will be put on notice when people block their vehicles to avoid it.

“We want to draw 강남 마사지attention to the fact that if you stand there and shout ‘We’ll back you up if you go up against the government’, when you actually know that there’s a government there, as long as it’s not the opposition, the police are going to take note of that, they’re going to act,” he said.

“I think we need to be quite clear, we are not against the government. We’re against the government who is behind it. If we are going to have protest, we’re going to bring in our marchers, we’re not going to sit back and say ‘let’s go home’ when we’re confronted by the police who don’t have the capacity to stop us.”

Mr Rundle said there were other groups of protesters in attendance to try to shut down the tram on the same street, which is currently full.

“That’s what you have to remember because otherwise the tram is never going to go on,” he said.

“What we are hoping for is that they sort of move the opposition and they stop the government from getting on and doing whatever they’re doing.”

Police have confirmed they’re working with some of the picketers to get people’s names and addresses, and warn anyone blocking traffic to turn round.

No arrests were made after the police blocked the road on North Victoria Street, but Victoria Police urged people to avoi