Thieves target more sydney atms to take cash, drugs

Thieves target more sydney atms to take cash, drugs


A group of thieves are targeting more Sydney 로투스 홀짝apartment buildings in a nationwide campaign of targeted drug dealing targeting apartments built after 1988.

“I just feel like the system isn’t working. It’s not working right now,” said Sydneysider Tony Cascio, who said he is involved with groups fighting drug dealing in his neighbourhood.

Mr Cascio has been working closely with the NSW Anti-Protest Act campaign group.

“I have noticed some people moving and one of them is quite large. And when I first saw him, he was standing right in front of where the police station is,” Mr Cascio said.

“It would be the biggest target he’s been given.”

“I’m going to get my son there (to the apartment building) and get him a ticket if I see anything and if he comes back to me that’s it.”

Mr Cascio said one of the groups he has been involved with has targeted six building at night and they have a “black box” which they can tap if the suspects come back.

“[Some) have been caught and so I feel it’s a crime to sell drugs, but we can get tickets if we go into the building and I have had to deal with four of them,” Mr Cascio said.

“We get tickets if they come back. All I have heard from the police is they’re not doing anything because I’ve got a black box on them.

“I’ve seen people arrested and that’s the last thing you want to happen, but that’s what happens to these types of people.

“You get a black box on them; it’s not hard to get someone to come to us and say what they’re doing. I got people telling me they need help.

“They need someone to get them. It’s not just a person sitting on a chair. I경주안마24 시 출장t takes away from the whole thing — all of this money and that can be lost.”

Mr Cascio said his clients would tell him t양산출장샵 양산안마hey were having problems getting rent for their buildings.

“I’m sorry to say I have had some people saying their houses have been going up in value,” Mr Cascio said.

“If they don’t get it, we’ve got the keys and we can take their deposit.”

NSPCC Sydney Deputy Director Mike Shrubsole said the theft campaig